Dimitrios Tsiplakides

 Dimitrios Tsiplakides

   Dimitrios Tsiplakides  

   Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry, AUTH





Dimitrios Tsiplakides holds a PhD from the Department of Chemical Engineering of the University of Patras (2001, thesis title: “Study of electrochemical promotion of metals in aqueous solutions and on Nafion and of its mechanism with oxides using temperature programmed desorption and measurements of the work function of the catalysts-electrodes”, supervisor: Constantinos G. Vayenas, Professor). His research interests focus on electrocatalysis, fuel cells, heterogeneous catalysis, metal-support interactions and electrochemical promotion of catalytic reactions. His most recent research activities are in the field of fuel cells and electrolysers (SOFC/SOEC and PEM) for the development of new materials and integrated systems of regenerative fuel cells and on high specific energy Li-ion cells for low temperatures.


He has authored more than 90 refereed publications, holds 2 patents and is one of the authors of the book "Electrochemical Activation of Catalysis" (Kluwer / Plenum 2001). Dr. Tsiplakides has been awarded the "Oronzio De Nora Foundation Prize of the International Society of Electrochemistry (ISE) on Electrochemical Technology and Engineering, 2004" and has experience in coordinating European, National and European Space Agency (ESA) funded projects. Also, Dr. Tsiplakides has supervised 4 PhD candidates as well as 14 Postgraduate / Undergraduate Students.

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